Monday, April 25, 2016

Hocus Pocus | Fashion

Hello, hello, hello! I'm back! I don't know how often I'll be posting on here, I'm not going to hold myself to schedule. Haha However, I do miss blogging; I'll be doing some fashion stuff with friends, like my beautiful friend, Aleya, featured in this post, beauty, lifestyle, etc. This blog is my oyster! I hope you're happy to see me back and I look forward to what's to come. :)

Oh Please Tank Top - Forever 21
Black Belt  (similar) -H&M
Black High-low maxi skirt (similar) - Ebay
Floppy Hat (similar) - Maurices
Open Toe Heels (similar) - Ebay

Crescent Pendant Choker (similar) - Bad Witch Boutique

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Highlights #7

Aloha! I'm feeling super chipper today and I'm very grateful for that! I've had quite a wonderful week and I hope you have as well! <3 The absolute highlight of the week had to be getting my driver's license finally!!! This is a huge deal for me because I'm about seven years late on getting my license, so to finally have it after all of the procrastination and fear is amazing. My family and friends, I'm sure, are super stoked because they won't have to drive me around anymore. LOL But in all seriousness, they are all very proud of me. :)

I have a bit of an announcement about my little blog here. This will be the last post for a little while (I know, shock horror, I'm taking another blog break, who would've guessed? LOL). I started blogging again wanting to be consistent and organized about it and I've somewhat achieved that, but I'm not feeling very passionate about what I write about. I want to continue blogging, but I want to be proud of what I write and put out into the world. I'll be taking a little break just to regroup and figure out what I really want to do with my little corner of the internet.  While I'm away, check out my very good and talented friend, Nala's blog! I took some photos for her most recent post and it was such a pleasure to photograph such beautiful work! Check it out!

I'll see you all very soon and if you still want to keep up with me, I will still be very active on my Youtube channel, so go ahead and subscribe if you fancy! All the love! xx

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just In: JustFab Silas Bag

I don't buy bags very often, but I had a credit on the website Shoedazzle and spotted the Silas bag and clicked add to cart immediately! It's such a beautiful bag. I honestly have nothing like it. My bag collection mainly consists of unstructured, younger looking bags and this is just so classic. I've been calling it my "business woman bag"! I just feel that it looks so classy and I love the style of a structured, simple black bag. The Celine bags have been calling to me for years. ;) I love that this is so affordable, but looks and feels very high quality.

I won't go into too much detail because I'm planning on filming a What's in my Bag? video very soon where I'll show the Silas in it's full glory. For now, I'll say it's a pebbled, black bag with gold hardware and a detachable shoulder strap. It has three sections inside, which I'm obsessed with because literally every bag I own has one giant section; very messy! The three sections will keep things a lot more organized (or so I'm hoping). Overall, I'm so, so excited to have this in my possession! Keep an eye on my channel for the video if you'd like to see the bag in more detail! xx

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Entertainment Tuesday #7

I have two songs for you ET today. The first song is Holding Out For a Hero by Ella Mae Bowen and I first heard it when the remake of Footloose came out a few years ago. I remember I would play it constantly when I would go for walks or bike rides in the middle of the night, thinking of the one I loved at the time. It's such a beautiful song, both lyrically and melodically. I remembered it a few days ago and I haven't stopped playing it since. I love this song so much and honestly, it brings back so many memories, it can bring me close to tears and I love songs like that. I love songs that can evoke so much emotion in a person. Check it out believe and feel the feels. <3

The second song I have for you is the newest song, Falling Apart by a wonderful YouTube musician, Trisha Writes Music. Her lyrics are so honest and I think it is extremely brave to put your heart and soul into a song and then put it out there to help people. She is an amazing girl, I have spoken to her several times and I know that she means every word in her songs. Falling Apart made me cry because it's so real and it's a song of hope, a reminder that things do get better. I love Trisha and her music and I can't wait to see how she continues to grow as a person and musician. <3

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Highlights #6

I do apologize I have yet another post a day late! Please be gentle, I'm still getting used to have a blogging schedule. LOL Last week, was a hard week, but a blessed week. I found myself struggling with both my addiction program and my eating disorder program, but both of the women who mentor me in either program were so incredibly understanding and encouraging. They're guiding me in my recovery day by day and I couldn't be more grateful for these incredible women in my life.

I'm also very grateful for my mom and my best friend, Dalton because early in the week, I took a big blow to my self-esteem, which already isn't very high as it is. They were both very supportive and comforting and reminded me that I can change my life and they believe me which is always a comfort.

I spent some time with my friend Nala as well who I adore! She is the cutest person ever and so knowledgeable about all things beauty! We took some photos for her new blog,, and I've got to say the photos turned out beautifully! That's mainly down to Nala's makeup skills, but I'll give myself a pat on the back as well for having a tiny bit of a photographic eye. LOL

Overall, a week that I can only be grateful for. I hope you're all well! xx

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fashion: Lust

Fashion has been an interest of mine for years, it can be such a great way to express aspects of you personality. Last week, I posted outfits that I could and would currently wear. The outfits below are the outfits I, now day, wish to be able to wear confidently. Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in wearing exactly what you want. no matter what you look like or what size you are. However, for me personally, I can't wear these clothes and be comfortable and confident in them with the body I have now. I'm working to achieve a healthy body that I can be proud of and again, I'd like to stress that loving the body you have and wearing whatever you want and feeling beautiful and sexy is so important, but I'm just not quite there yet in my self-esteem. I know that I one day will be though. For now, I'll lust after outfits like these and use them as motivation to get to where I want to be, whether that mentally or physically. I truly hope you're all well. Ta for now, my lovelies. xx

Fashion: Lust